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23 lange geflochtene Frisuren, die so schön aussehen wie nie zuvor

Comfort combined with style is the best look always and ladies will definitely agree that these are the most important things they will check out when trying out a new hairstyle. Well, considering these factors, braided hairstyles are a step ahead in the game because along with comfort and style, they also protect your hair. A lot of creativity and innovation can be found in such braided hairstyles due to the versatile ways in which it can style. As a result, braids are a favorite look and we have curated here for you 25 best-braided hairstyles for long hair.

Long Princess Hair

Braided hairstyles like these are surely in vogue these days, but you should also remember that these styles did not instantly become a trend in the last few years or so; they have been in use for a long time and were in fact, popularized by ancient queens and princesses. These hairstyle features extremely long and thick hair which has also been dyed in shades of copper blonde. The dyes shade really goes well with the natural dark brown roots of the hair. On the upper sides, the hair has been brought down in a Dutch braid style and then it has simply been twisted and tied into loosely hanging braids.

Simple Braided Hairstyle

Usually, braids are seen to be a complex and intricate style, and as a result, simple low maintenance hairstyles like the one shown in this picture are not that much popular. This is definitely why you should try out this minimal braids hairstyle that has been done on this salt and pepper colored hairstyle. A section of the hair from the sides has been very loosely tied up into braids and then another section of loose hair has been twisted and tucked in with the braided part. Both the braided as well as the loose section of hair has subsequently been bought together and simply tied up into a knot.

Bun Braided Hair

A minimal and chic look for long hairstyles that also has sort of a messy vibe to it. Best suited look for teenagers and young women as it gives them a carefree and relaxed look, making them look effortlessly beautiful. The long strands of hair are dyed in a beautiful shade of golden blonde which makes it look all the more prettier. On the top, a section of the hair has been tied up into a loose bun and few thin strands of hair here and there have been simply braided up.

Braided Wavy Hair

Wavy hair is just the look you need to rock your summer outfit. This type of hairstyle is also usually associated with the flawless beach pictures you see of celebrities on magazines and social media. On the upper section, the hair is a brownish copper color but it gets lighter and turns into a lovely shade of gold as it comes down towards the tips. The hair has simply been tied up in loose braids from two sides by the ear and bought to the middle neatly to tuck in.

Silver Braided Hair

Well, this is quite a stunning braids hairstyle with many intricate patterns that make it look extremely beautiful. And add to that the beauty of the stark silver blonde shade that has been painted all over the hair, and it’s a perfect look that you can wear in many different styles to many different events. The hair has been loosely braided from the upper section of the hair itself and then bought backward. In contrast to these thick braids on either side, thin braid strands have also been done and together, they make a beautiful combo.

Light Pink Flower Braided Hair

This is a very creative style that has been done by turning a very basic braid hairstyle into something that resembles purely art. On the upper crown section, the hair has been braided in a beautiful pattern that resembles a large flower. It stays on top of the head very beautifully. The rest of the hair has been let down freely and thin braids have been tied up in alternate sections. The hair also has dyes in a beautiful shade of rose pink, and the flower pattern even very much resembles a beautiful rose. The hair is also dyed in a mixed black and pepper shade which adds a soft glow to the look.

Lace Braided Hair

Here’s another simple hairstyle if you are looking to achieve a minimal look with your braids hairstyle. The hair has been taken from either sides and braided back in the style of a beautiful lace braid. The upper section of the hair is a shade of dark brown while the color fades into a golden yellow color towards the bottom, which really highlights the simple look. The hair at the ends have been maintained in loosely falling waves. A great look if you are attending parties and such and also one that is commonly worn by bridesmaids.

Side Braided Loose Wavy Hair

This is one of the most trending styles these days, with almost everyone having such long tresses of hair trying out this hairstyle. The hair on the roots is a shade of dark brown while the outer portion of the hair is a golden blonde hair color that is perfect for such a braided look. The hair is unusual from the normal hairstyles as the braids have been done along the sides of the hair. The braids are thick and chunky on the top while it gets thinner towards the bottom, thus combining both these styles together without making it look messy.

Classic French Braid Hairstyle

Now, the French braids are a much loved and popular style that has always been in trend and this style is no exception either. It looks as beautiful as it can get and the French braids make the entire look very classy and elegant but with a touch of feminine. The best thing about such French braided hairstyles is that that can be worn to many different events and they also go really well with all kinds of outfits, be it casual, classy, sporty or even a party look. A global hairstyle, one could definitely argue.

Colorful Rainbow Braided Hair

Wow. This hairstyle is surely popping with color. It’s a beautiful mix of many different hair colors, all who have been dyed on golden blonde color, thus making all these shades look much brighter and very much lively. Now coming to the part of the braid, a very innovative hairstyle as the braids have been tied up in a DNA braids hairstyle. It looks like the braids have been closely woven together like a thread that makes it look very ethereal in fact. This look is surely going to give you major hipster vibes.

Two Side Ponytail Braids

This look surely takes most of us back to childhood and school memories and such. The hair has been very neatly parted to both sides and then braided in a ponytail style. And instead of simply letting the rest of the hair down, both the braids have been combined together to form a cute little bun that looks very adorable too. This hairstyle is great at providing comfort as well as protection to your hair amid a busy life schedule.

Four Stranded Braid

Now when we talked about how braids create an opportunity for growth and innovation, we definitely meant how it could be styled in versatile and unique ways such as this hairstyle shown in the picture. It is a rare one but increasingly becoming popular. The braids have been done along the sides in four-stranded braids style which is usually just taking four sections of hair and then elegantly tying them up. The hair has been dyed in a warm shade of blonde and suits the skin tone very well too.

Wavy Braided Hairstyle

A redhead look is essential to any hairstyles list and we that is why we present here one of the hottest and trendiest redhead look, that is also combined with a braided style. Together, they make an amazing combination on your hair. Along the sides, the hair has been plainly braided from one ear to the other ear and then the rest of the hair that has been let down in various sections, have been tucked inside each of these braids and pulled down to create a good look with very long hair. The waves have also been loosely styled making it look quite perfect.

Long Braided Purple Hair

The beauty of long and thick hair is simply unmatched with any other hairstyle. And when this thickness is especially emphasized and the volume is projected out well, then it makes for a perfect hairstyle. The hair has been maintained in long and thick chunky braids along the sides to flaunt the thickness, volume and texture. All of these factors are especially essential when you are trying out a hairstyle like this. And to add some spice to the look, the hair has been died in a brilliant shade of purple along with few white streaks of hair that really stands apart.

Middle Parted Box Braids Hairstyle

This is a common hairstyle that is very popular among black women. Not only does it look very stylish, but it also provides sufficient comfort and protection to the hair thus making it a favorite look. The hair is a stunning shade of natural black and has been done by very neatly and slickly parting to equal sections of hair on both sides. The hair has then been divided into very thin sections and they have been tied up in a box braids hairstyle. You can comfortably wear this hairstyle around without having to worry about switching up your hairstyle every couple of days.

Braided Two Sided Ponytail Hair

A hairstyle that surely leaves you in awe simply because of its stunning beauty. The hair has been parted to both sides and then tied up in thick braids until the length of the nape. And then further down, it has been tied up into a ponytail and the hair stands flowing freely thus making it a very adorable look. The upper section of the hair is a warm shade of brown while the ponytail part is in a blonde shade. The intermingling of both these colors on the two different styles of the ponytail as well as braids, make it an interesting look.

Pull Through Braids Hairstyle

How gorgeous does this hairstyle look? Very much. It’s a beautiful combination of beauty and class that simply makes it look irresistible. Braids have this feminine charm about them that is evident in any type of braids hairstyle and definitely, that femininity exudes here in this pull-through braided hairstyle. The hair has been gracefully and neatly tied up into a ponytail at the length of the nape and then it has been done by braiding it further in a 5 strands braid style. The hair is then again tied up into a ponytail with a small section of the hair hanging like a tail.

Long Box Braids

These are one of the most popular hairstyles among black women, and you can see why it is so popular because of how much style and comfort it provided even to such long lengths of hair. This is a very basic and natural braided hairstyle that is also great to be worn for casual events, outings, parties and such. You can rest assured that your long locks of hair are protected enough.

Thick Box Braids with Blonde Highlights

Well, what makes this box braids style special is the peculiar way in which it has been styled. On the upper section itself, you can see that the hair has been sectioned and divided into various tiny boxes, thus creating a very good base look for these braids. The hair in each of these boxes or sections has then been thickly braided across its entire length. The blonde highlights look amazing on the natural black roots of the hair. This style also combines the beauty of both the blonde color and the natural black color.

Loosely Tied Bridal Braids

A perfect look for your wedding that will have people in awe about your beauty. This is a very simple hairstyle actually, but it looks complex and intricate solely because of how braids have this power of transforming even the most basic of looks into something more wonderful. The hair has been loosely pulled back and tied in braids thus making the whole style very effortless and chic. A few face-framing layers have been pulled out on the front, too, to add some more beauty to this look. You can also try out this look if you’re just the bridesmaid too.

Side Braided Golden Twisted Hair

The queen of beauty is here with yet another look that is surely a trendsetter hairstyle. The hair has been braided along the sides and instead of the usual way where braids are done to the bottom, the hair here has been styled upwards. This makes it a fascinating look. The braids are in different sections of the hair and the lower section can be seen that the hair is pulled down in a wavy and slick manner. This is a very unusual hairstyle but glamorous enough for parties and events too. You definitely should have some guts if you want to pull off this hairstyle effortlessly.

Long and Curvy Cornrow Braids

Cornrow braids are a special beauty, and while they are normally styles by taking it in straight sections and then pulling the hair backward in the same manner, this style is a little different. The hair has been styled in cornrow braids by taking it in a curvy manner and then together; they are tied up into a high bun on the top. The rest of the hair has also been let down flowing freely but in the style of the same braid itself. Towards the bottom end, the hair has also been gradient highlighted in a beautiful shade of blonde.

Long Flowing Braids Style

A classy look that is simply amazing. If you are someone who likes to experiment with different hairstyles and also ready to try out a bold new look, then this hairstyle is perfect. It has all the right amounts of glam and drama and in all the right proportions. On the upper part, the hair has been tied up in thick sections while as it comes down to the bottom, the sections get progressively thinner.

Alternate Thick and Thin Braids

Cornrow braids hairstyles in yet another stylish and different way but also looking amazing. The hair has been styled in alternate thick and thin sections on the upper part of the hair, and then all of these sections have been tied up into a high bun. The hair beneath the bun has then been tied up in a ponytail style with the hair that is flowing freely taken and braided up in equal sections of the hair.

Section Braided Hair

As is obvious from the name of the hairstyle itself, in this style, the hair has been tied by dividing the hair into two sections and then the braids have been tied up as a single braid combining both of these sections together. This makes it a cool hairstyle and effortlessly chic one so you can flaunt it at any type of event especially this is a wedding suited look that makes it look gorgeous.

Listed above are some of the most popular braids hairstyles that are suitable for people with long hair. These are very comfortable and stylish too. Usually, these styles are sported by combining different strands of hair into braids instead of the usual single braid or double braids hairstyle. French braids, cornrow braids and box braids are some of the most common looks and you can find all of them here in different ways to style.

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  11. Eine Frisur. die der zukünftigen Ex-Mrs. Joe Odom wohl ansteht.

  12. Auch “haarsträubende” Ideen werden gesucht, sie haben ein besonders hohes Innovationspotenzial.

  13. Auch “haarsträubende” Ideen werden gesucht, sie haben ein besonders hohes Innovationspotenzial.

  14. Daneben war ein Foto von ihr, vermutlich aus High-School-Tagen, ihrer Frisur nach zu urteilen.

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